A Coin Flip or a Coin Holder is basically made up of cardboard which folds and holds the coin firmly.
It protects it from dust, finger oils and other dirt which can contaminate the surface of the coin.
We have 2 types of Coin Flips : Staple Type & Adhesive type.

Regular Coin Flip (Staple Type)

The staple type coin flips or coin holders are most widely used and holds the coins with ease. All you have to do is just place the coin in the center of the flip, fold the flip to half & staple it on four sides. That’s it! We recommend these flips for beginners in coin collection.

White Coin Flips (Coin Holders)

There are some rare coins or coin collections which are very special to a collector and want special holders for the same. For E.g: Bronze Coins, Silver Coins etc.

Yellow Coin Flips (Coin Holders)- Regular Type

Adhesive Coin Flip (Sticker Type) - New

These are the adhesive coin flips are used by the hobbyists who tend to avoid staples and find the adhesive ones more reliable and quite easy to use.

Adhesive White Coin Flips (Coin Holders)