The Coin Files or D-Ring Binders or Ring Folders for coins is basically a type of coin album where you have 4 D shaped rings that hold your coin album pages or coin sheets firmly. You can add new pages or sheets later or sort them the way you like. So it gives you more flexibility on organize and rearrange your collection the way you want it. The D-Ring binders come in two variations: Chain D-Ring Binder and Regular D-Ring Binder
The Chain D-Ring binder is a special D-ring binder that has a smooth enclosing chain covering the file completely. Thus protecting your collection from dust and other dirt. The Regular D-Ring binder doesn’t have a chain.

As a best practice in preserving notes, we highly recommend putting  the currency note inside a protective coin sleeve first so as to protect it form dust, dirt and finger oils and then put into album pocket.

Also you can check our D-Ring binders for Currency Notes