Eligibility Criteria

  1. The Diwali Sale October 2016 promotion (“Promotion”) is valid only for a Buyer who shops and completes a successful transaction on (“Nawkaar9 Website”) during Promotion Period.
  2. User shall pay for its transaction only through PayU payment facility of Nawkaar9 Website. the Promotion is not applicable on cash on delivery [COD] as a payment option.
  3. User must have its registered address in India and hold a valid/active email id and mobile number.
  4. User shall provide its valid/active mobile number, email id and his address location/area pin code as requested by Nawkaar9 under the Promotion/campaign.

This Offer is valid only on the dates mentioned below.

Promotion Period 25th October 2016, 09:00:00 Hrs. till 1st November 2016, 23:59:59 Hrs. (IST).
Deal Period 1st November 2016 till Stock lasts [First come first serve basis]

General Terms & Conditions:

  • A User will not be eligible to participate under this Promotion more than once in any manner whatsoever.
  • Eligible User will receive a coupon code on his/her mobile number through SMS or by email. User shall apply the said coupon code to purchase the Product during the Deal Period.
  • The coupon code will be valid only for three (3) days [i.e. from 25th October, 2016 to 1st November, 2016, both days inclusive].
  • Users shall apply the said coupon code to purchase the product offered by the site under the Promotion during the aforementioned Deal Period till stock lasts.
  • The coupon code will only be applicable for the product offered under this Promotion and cannot be combined or used for any other Nawkaar9 promotions/offers on Nawkaar9 Website.
  • Limited Stock will be offered and shall be available on “First come first serve” basis only.


General Terms & Conditions also apply



 General Terms & Conditions

  1. You/Your (means the person using/participating in this Promotion/Campaign with the intent to receive gift under this Promotion, or the User) should not be in violation, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the User Agreement and other Nawkaar9 Rules and Policies of (‘Nawkaar9 Website’) in addition to the terms and conditions of this Promotion.
  2. Nawkaar9 at all times reserves its rights to amend/add/remove/modify (in whole or part), at any time, any or all the Terms & Conditions of this Promotion/Campaign, or to replace, wholly or in part, this Promotion/Campaign by another Promotion/Campaign, whether similar to this Promotion/ Campaign or not, or to withdraw it altogether, and Nawkaar9’s decision in this regard shall be final.
  3. All decisions of Nawkaar9 regarding running /process/results of the Promotion/Campaign shall be final and binding on You.  No appeals shall be entertained in this regard.
  4. In the event of circumstances arising outside of Nawkaar9’s control, which in Nawkaar9’s opinion make it necessary to suspend, substitute, change or cancel the Promotion/Campaign, Nawkaar9 reserves the right to suspend, change, substitute or cancel the Promotion/Campaign at any time.
  5. If Nawkaar9 has suspicion or knowledge, that any entrant/user has been involved in any fraudulent or illegal activity related to this Promotion or You have violated the Nawkaar9  terms & conditions & Policies and processes of Nawkaar9 Website, Nawkaar9 reserves the right to disqualify that entrant/user and any related entrants.  Any entrant/user of Nawkaar9 Website who, knowingly and with intent to injure, defraud or deceive, files a fraudulent complaint containing false, incomplete, or misleading information may be guilty of a criminal offence and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Nawkaar9 reserves all the rights including but not limited to suspend, block, restrict, cancel the user id and cancel all orders of the errant user and its related user id’s on Nawkaar9 Website.
  6. Nawkaar9 does not warrant that Nawkaar9 Website will run concurrently and error free during or after the Promotion Period and does not commit any uptime of Nawkaar9 Website. Further, Nawkaar9 shall not be liable for issues related to technical, human error whatsoever, eg. wrong Promotion number being entered by You or You being logged out of system without completing transaction.
  7. Nawkaar9 does not accept, and is not responsible for, any lost or delayed data, communication. Nawkaar9 reminds You of the nature and limitations of the Internet and is not responsible for any problems, technical malfunctions of any communications network, online system, computer hardware/ software failure, human error, things outside the control of Nawkaar9 that may affect entry/participation to the Promotion.
  8. Nawkaar9 is not liable for any  deficiency, commitment, deliver timeline of the products/items/services.
  9. Please Note that if Your Nawkaar9 Website user ID or PayU access gets suspended from Nawkaar9 Website. You will not be eligible to receive the gift under this Promotion.
  10. Nawkaar9, as the case may be, will make every attempt to dispatch/email the gift or e-coupon code, however in case of a stock out situation in the market, Nawkaar9 at its sole discretion will provide a similar gift or e-coupon code of the same or higher value.
  11. The administrator of this Promotion would undertake reasonable efforts to complete the process of declaration of results (unless context otherwise require), verify and dispatch the gift/e-coupon code by within the stipulated period mentioned in the terms and conditions of the promotion.  However, this is subject to no delays being caused by third party vendors or Force Majeure. Nawkaar9 however shall not assume the risk of insurance and other related security, features, liability during transit.
  12. For certain States within India, the prescribed forms/applications/permissions are required by the courier company/logistic service providers for dispatch of the free gifts. Upon the request by the courier company/logistic service providers, the registered buyer/winner is responsible for providing the courier company with the requisite form(s)/documents to receive the free gift. In no mannerNawkaar9, as the case may be, shall be responsible to submit the such form(s)/documents to courier company.
  13. In case any violation of Promotion Terms and Conditions and Nawkaar9 Website Terms, Conditions  & Policies and other processes, You will not be eligible to receive gift or e-coupon code.  If You violate any of the offer terms, the offer will be invalid.
  14. Any and all taxes, including without any limitation income tax (if any) applicable on this Promotion and the rewards/benefits thereto shall be borne by You and You shall deposit the applicable amount of taxes (if any) to Nawkaar9/contract administrator/applicable governmental authorities before You/user could avail any benefits, unless otherwise mandated under the applicable laws.
  15. All communications with You will be, on Your email ID and/or mobile number registered with Nawkaar9 Website.
  16. The gifts/e-coupon code offered under the Promotion shall not be transferable.  Cash alternative for the gifts/e-coupon code stated above may be given at the sole discretion of Nawkaar9. Mere participation in the Promotion shall not entitle a participant to a gift/e-coupon code.  No other person or agent can claim the gift/e-coupon code on behalf of the Winner.
  17. This Promotion is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Facebook, Twitter or any other social network unless stated in the Promotion otherwise.
  18. If any ‘minimum purchase amount’ is indicated in an offer, taxes, shipping, handling and other charges may not be included in calculating such ‘minimum purchase amount’.
  19. If Your return any products/services purchased under the Promotion/Campaign, the refund will only be for the actual cash amount paid by You for the order (without the coupon value, if any) for the product/services and shall be subject to the refund policy

Coupon Terms & Conditions

  1. The offer contained in the electronic communication (“E-Coupons”) is  subject to You being a registered user (“Users”) of (“Nawkaar9 Website”).  These terms and conditions are in addition to the Nawkaar9 Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and other Nawkaar9 Rules and Policies.  The offer contained in the electronic communication (“E-Coupons”) is not intended to person resident outside India and minors and person incompetent to contract and any acceptance of offer and usage of E-Coupons by these persons shall be invalid and void ab-initio.  E-Coupons are also not offered to, and shall not be used by, such Users who under any statutory obligations are prohibited to use E-Coupons.
  2. E-Coupon is the property of Nawkaar9 Website and Nawkaar9 has the right to cancel/alter the E-Coupons at will and at any time (including during the validity period of the E-Coupon) without giving any prior intimation to the User or the coupon provider.  E-Coupon is a privilege and not a right or claim against Nawkaar9.  E-Coupons can also be cancelled in case the User is in violation of Nawkaar9 Terms & Conditions & Policies.
  3. A User using the E-Coupons in any manner shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.
  4. E-Coupon issued to the Users  may be linked to specific User ID mentioned in the electronic communication.  E-Coupon cannot be used through another User ID even-though a different User ID is maintained by the same person.
  5. The value and the mode of using of the E-Coupon are mentioned in the electronic communication.
  6. E-Coupons shall be valid and must be redeemed as per the validity date mentioned along with the said coupon and/or along with communication of such coupon, unless cancelled/terminated earlier in accordance with these terms and conditions and/or Nawkaar9 Terms & Conditions & Policies.  The validity of E-Coupon shall be subject to the condition that the User remains registered user and has neither been suspended nor been in violation of Nawkaar9 Terms & Conditions & Policies and PayU Payment services.
  7. E-Coupon offered by a third-party company/publisher to market or promote the listings on Nawkaar9 Website are undertaken solely by such independent company or publisher, Nawkaar9 shall not have any liability towards users in any manner whatsoever with respect to any offers/campaigns run by such third party company or publishers.  Any offers/discounts/promotions offered/run by third party company/publisher with respect to products listed on Nawkaar9 Website, and claims with respect to the such offers/discounts/promotions shall be the responsibility of such third party company or publisher only.
  8. E-Coupons can be redeemed,
    1. only before the listing has ended on Nawkaar9 Website or the item is stock out (stock out means that the item is no longer available or for any reason unable to list or sell or deliver the item); and
    2. only when payments are made through PayU; and
    3. on the First-come, first use basis.  Please refer to marketing communication to ascertain the specific terms and condition as applicable.
  9. E-Coupons shall be invalidated and your transaction shall be reversed, in case:
    1. Your payment has been rejected by Nawkaar9 due to Nawkaar9’s risk containment measures; or
    2. You bought the item which is illegal or prohibited by Nawkaar9 Terms & Conditions & Policies for transaction.
    3. You bought the item which is required to be shipped outside India; or
    4. You have used the E-Coupons on the items/category other than what has been mentioned in marketing communication; or
    5. You have used/attempted to use E-Coupons on the listing where E-Coupons are not applicable.
  10. Unless specifically stated: (a) one E-Coupon can be used only for one purchase irrespective of the value of such purchase;  (b) unutilized or underutilized value of the E-Coupons cannot be carried forward and shall be forfeited;  (c) a user cannot claim any benefit or a substitute E-Coupon in lieu of the unutilized or underutilized value of the E-Coupon/s;  (d) where the purchase value of an item exceeds value of the E-Coupon, a buyer shall be required to pay the balance consideration to the seller at the time of payment.
  11. E-Coupon carries no cash value and cannot be exchanged, transferred, negotiated or sold and cannot be redeemed against cash.  E-Coupons cannot be combined with any other coupons or any other offer or discounts or promotions.  eBay shall not be responsible to compensate you in any manner for the unused/ invalidated E-Coupon including providing alternate E-Coupon.
  12. Shipping charges may be extra and as mentioned on the site.
  13. Disclaimers:
    1. Nawkaar9 is not responsible for any typographical error leading to an invalid coupon.
    2. Nawkaar9 does not guarantee that any one or more listings on Nawkaar9 Website or the listings desired by the Users would have the option to use the said E-Coupon.
    3. Nawkaar9 is not recommending You to purchase the specific item which You intend to purchase or actually purchase using E-Coupon  or any third party or publisher offering E-Coupon as a payment option.
    4. Nawkaar9 shall not be liable for any lost or stolen E-Coupon, and E-Coupons once issued shall not be reissued.
  14. Nawkaar9 makes no representation or warranties of any kind regarding any product or service provided by any third party in connection with any E-Coupon and shall not be responsible for any costs, damages, accident, delay, injury, loss, expense or inconvenience that may arise in connection with the use of E-Coupons.
  15. Limitation of Liability: Under no circumstances shall Nawkaar9’s liability exceed giving the User a refund/replacement E-Coupon of the same nature and same value.
  16. These terms and conditions are subject to Indian laws and any dispute shall be subject to jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai (India) only