Size 2- 20mm – White Coin Holders (Coin Flips) – 50pcs


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1)These coin holders are made up of stiff white board.

2)Thick plastic at center of the coin holder to prevent it from any type of dust, dirt & finger oils from direct contact.

3) Extra Strong cohesion between plastic & the white board holds the coin firmly.

4) Coin holders have nice round cornered smooth edges.

5) The coin holder has a Corporation (a dotted partition if you check the pics) at the middle so that the coin holder can be folded equally and easily when a coin is being placed.

6) A Single Pack contains 50 pieces.

The measurement 20 mm refers to the diameter of the coins.

This size is suitable for copper 1/12 anna,2 annas silver, 1 paisa brass , 10 paise steel.

Following coins can also be used in this coin holder size:

British India Coins

– East India Company 1/12 Anna

– Victoria Queen 1/12 Anna

– Victoria Empress 1/12 Anna

– Edward VII 1/12 Anna

– ½ Anna [Square Shape]

– Quarter Rupee (Lion)

– ¼ Rupee (Silver)

Republic & Commemorative Coins

– Half Anna [Square Shape]

– ¼ Rupee

– 2 Naye Paise

– 2 Paise [Scalloped Shape]

– 25 Paise

– 50 Paise (Stainless Steel) [Recent]

All coins with diameter less than 20 mm.

In case we haven’t listed the coin you have, then measure the diameter of your coin and choose the Coin Holder size accordingly.

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 in

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